Does Echidna have an audit log?

Yes, audit records can be sent to flat files and/or a database table. The fields to be logged are configurable, and cryptographic tamper-evident MAC protection is available. Browsing of the audit records is available through the user-support web pages.

What databases and directories does Echidna support?

Echidna supports both Active Directory and generic LDAP user directories. While any JDBC based database can be supported with the appropriate driver, compliance testing has been performed for Microsoft SQL Server (2008), Oracle (11g) and Apache Derby The appliance comes with default support for an embedded Apache Derby database for internal use.

Does Echidna rely on any other software or servers to operate?

The Echidna components run within a Java application server environment. The appliance build includes all required components including a dedicated Apache Tomcat server instance.

Does Echidna require a local database?

Echidna does not require a local database, but can use either a local or a remote database for token registration and audit log records.

Does Echidna support the Oracle stack?

The Echidna server components can be deployed on an Oracle WebLogic server.

The Echidna web services are callable from the Oracle ESB.