How can I save money by using Echidna?

Salt Mobile tokens are perpetually licensed, and as such any replacement necessitated by loss or user churn does not incur additional token costs. Industry experienced churn rate is around 30% per annum.

Echidna User licensing is based on active users and Salt Mobile tokens are free when deployed with Echidna. As such, as users come and go, and as devices are lost and replaced, there are no additional charges provided the total user base is not increased.

How do I extend my current Echidna license for more users?

A license request is generated via an option in the Echidna Web Management console and the request is sent to Salt Group via email.

A new or updated license is generated and returned via email for the organisation to upload via the management console, all without the need for the server to be taken off-line.

How is Echidna licensed?

Echidna is licensed based on active users and a base server license.

Can I exchange my Virtual Appliance license for a Web Application distribution?