How difficult is it to deploy Echidna?

When shipped as a virtual appliance, Echidna can be deployed and integrated with an existing infrastructure within a matter of hours by a Network Administrator without any prior experience with Echidna or assistance from Salt Group.

What is the entry-level user base for Echidna?

The base server comes with 30-day trial for 2-user licenses.

Is Echidna suitable for an SME?

Yes. Echidna is designed and priced to support user bases from 2 to 100,000's of users

Echidna has been tested and integrated with a number of out-of the box firewalls and perimeter solutions and more sophisticated IDAM solutions such as Tivoli and SiteMinder.

Echidna is available as a virtual appliance which allows an organisation to deploy Echidna in a matter of hours.